Gleghorne thrilled with new HNH well-being partnership

Paul Gleghorne, HNH Corporate Finance Senior Manager, is delighted with the partnership formed with well-being charity Inspire.

Paul Gleghorne, HNH Corporate Finance Senior Manager, also plays hockey for Ireland.

Irish hockey international Paul Gleghorne is delighted with the news that HNH is partnering with mental health and well-being organisation Inspire.

Gleghorne joined the HNH Corporate Finance team from KPMG in February this year and has previously written about his experience with depression.

“Organisations like Inspire are very important for employee welfare,” he said.

“Whether it’s providing guidance on how to deal with work related stress and anxiety, issues outside of the workplace, or simply spreading awareness throughout the firm, it’s vital for staff welfare as well as firm productivity.”

The self-confessed spreadsheet geek has formulated a simple plan for keeping himself right.

“The three most important things for me are:

1. Talking to friends and family about how I feel. It might be cliché, but this is the most important thing for me.
2. Reminding myself that I’m not alone.
3. Keeping things in perspective: we all have our troubles and it’s important not to let negative things outside of our control cloud our thinking.”

Gleghorne believes a balanced life is key to staying healthy.

“The most important thing in my life is always my family and friends,” he said.

“Regardless of success or failure in my sport or work life, I remind myself that I am first and foremost a husband, son, brother, friend, etc.

“We can all be guilty of letting what we do define who we are, but I try not to let who I am be defined by what happens in my sporting or work life.

“It’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually important when you dedicate so much of your life towards trying to be successful at one particular thing, which is why perspective is so important.”

2018 has been another big year for the 31-year-old both on and off the pitch and Gleghorne is grateful he’s been able to find a balance between work and the other areas of his life.

“HNH have been incredibly supportive of my hockey commitments.

“Since joining the firm at the start of 2018, I have been able to fully commit to the international schedule, which has included trips to Malaysia, Germany, Holland, Spain and Belgium, as well as my upcoming trip to India to compete in the World Cup.

“In addition to my international commitments, I recently played professional club hockey in Germany for a two-and-a-half months in order to assist my World Cup preparation, while also working remotely.”

He sees further benefits to his working relationship with HNH outside of being able to compete for his country alone.

“I think that work/life balance is very important for everyone and, for me, both sport and work are important parts of my life.

“The arrangement with HNH has allowed me to seriously pursue my sport without sacrificing my professional career.

“Moreover, it’s helped me to have a more rounded perspective on life and therefore not defining myself by my sport or my work.”

According to Gleghorne, the positive working environment at HNH is unique.

“There’s an incredible team dynamic at HNH.

“From day one, I’ve felt that everyone is pulling in the same direction to achieve team goals.

“The environment is one of ‘a happy worker is a good worker,’ so employee welfare is very much at the forefront of the culture.”

Everyone here at HNH would like to wish Paul and team Ireland all the best in India as they take on the world’s elite over the next couple of weeks.

You can catch Paul playing for Ireland at the World Cup on BT Sport.

Ireland’s World Cup Schedule (all UK times):

Group B
Friday 30th November @ 11.30am vs Australia
Tuesday 4th December @ 11.30am vs China
Friday 7th December @ 1.30pm vs England

The knockout stages begin 10th December.