HNH partner with Pretty ‘n’ Pink

HNH have teamed up this year with Pretty ‘n’ Pink, a local Breast Cancer Charity to raise funds through a host of different fundraising activities over the coming year.

Pretty ‘n’ Pink is the Breast Cancer Charity for NI and was set up by Noleen Adair in 2006. It is run by a small team of fantastic people and many volunteers across Northern Ireland. Noleen the original founder was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 22 and started the charity to help young women and their families’ financially through tough times while receiving treatment for breast cancer. Sadly Noleen lost her battle with cancer in June 2014, she was just 35 years old.
Pretty ‘n’ Pink aim to carry on Noleen’s legacy and wishes for the charity by;

  • Creating awareness of Breast Cancer within Northern Ireland
  • Improving the quality of life of Breast Cancer patients & their families the best way we can.
  • Providing funds for patients who do not meet the criteria for any other public funding or charitable funding. We do this through the Pretty ‘n’ Pink support fund.

Cancer can place huge financial strains upon patients and their families, and everyday practicalities that we may take for granted when we are healthy can be more difficult for those going through cancer.

Since Pretty ‘n’ Pink was founded, the charity has been supporting breast cancer patients and their families across Northern Ireland in a financial capacity through small grants dispersed from the Pretty ‘n’ Pink Support Fund.

HNH over the next year have the following fundraising events planned;