10 Years of Being a Business Owner: 10 Things I Have Learned

By Wayne Horwood, Director, HNH Group


wayne horwood HNH Group Belfast

Wayne Horwood, HNH Group

1. Be passionate. Having had the courage to make the decision to be a business owner, it is ok to let colleagues, clients and stakeholders know you are passionate about your business. Passion can be infectious.

2. Never be afraid to make mistakes. It is better to try something new, learn from it and be decisive in changing direction than being afraid to make a decision in the first place.

3. Listen more and talk less. To colleagues, partners, clients, family, friends, mentors, competitors. Those around you have important views and it is vital to take them on board.

4. People are key. Know what you can’t do and make sure you recruit people who are better than you or can be better than you.

5. Communicate what you are doing, why you are doing it and how everyone plays their part in the vision. Review regularly. This is an area that can be forgotten but is vital.

6. Being an owner can be lonely and stressful place. Take time out to reflect, think and reenergise. Recognising that you have vulnerabilities can be a strength.

7. In the ever changing world of technology and data, embrace the pace of development, ensure you have a diverse age range in your organisation and remember point three.

8. Take time out to learn. Whether that means reading a book, a newspaper article, listening to a podcast, attending a webinar, seminar or course. One meaningful snippet can add value to the next decision you may have to make.

9. I don’t see work as work. I see it as a hobby I enjoy. Don’t let your hobby become work. Keep enjoying it.

10. Remember your business principles. Mine are simple: do the right thing, in the right way with the right people and the rest will look after itself.

10 years on I still see HNH as challenging, rewarding and most importantly an enjoyable environment. I am incredibly proud of the achievements of HNH clients over the years and of the development of the HNH team.