Financial Capital or Human Capital… Why You Can’t Have One Without the Other!

Answer: Financial Capital follows Human Capital

Though inextricably linked, getting the Financial Capital and Human Capital that best matches the strategy of your business can be tricky to identify and challenging to secure. Financial Capital provides investment in management teams and quality people are attracted by businesses with clearly defined, communicated business strategies.

Financial Investment human capital

Though most business owners will cite their team as their most valuable asset, it isn’t easy to reflect this value in terms of equity value. That said, it is the team that is responsible for delivering strategy, driving the business and creating equity value. As such, it is the team that the Financial Capital provider invests in.

At HNH Group we recognise that Financial Capital follows Human Capital and as such our Corporate Finance team works hand in hand with our Human Capital team to ensure that our clients access and secure the talent required to deliver business strategy.

A strong team with a defined business strategy will have a range of funding options. At HNH we work with our client management teams to determine and deliver the most appropriate funding solution for the current stage of business strategy.

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