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Our Insight Reports provide an analysis of the background research into individuals and companies by combining intelligence from public records, corporate information, business interests, media archives, social media history and other discrete sources. We have prepared over 400 Insight reports for large financial institutions, solicitors and individuals.

The scope of each report can be determined both by the specific needs of the client and the understanding and knowledge of the background on the subject.The Insight Intelligence Team can conduct the following searches on either individuals or corporate entities within Northern Ireland, the wider UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, USA, Asia and most other foreign jurisdictions:

• Identification of lands and properties held or transferred
• Identification of current and prior directorships
• Identification of current and prior shareholdings
• Identification and background on connected parties
• Recent transactions completed by an entity
• The background and business track record of an entity
• A summary of the latest financial results of an entity
• Recent press articles and social media trail

We seek to understand the who, what, where and when and provide the answers in a digestible format. Our specialised techniques and vast range of resources mean that often we locate information that others cannot.

Understanding what a business relationship is truly worth can help you make decisions about strategic alignments, determine the right strategy to take in litigation or assist you in adversarial situations such as enforcement action.

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